Wonky Wrapped Labradorite on Hammered Oval Hoop - Earrings



I adore Labradorite. I like the murky, misty grey tones. I love the flash of blue when the sunlight catches it. And for those of you interested in the mystical properties of stones, Labradorite is the stone of spiritual awakening, said to promote intellect, intuition and serenity. And really, who couldn't do with a little more of those...

These are simple & interesting, and will surely be the pair of earrings many people will wear over and over - which really just adds to the gorgeous patina of the sterling silver.

For a rustic, slightly industrial look, I've paired my signature wonky wrap with a hammered & lightly oxidized loop from which the gemstone dangles freely. (It was fun photographing these in the Northern California wind today - they sure love to sway!)

Each earring dangles from a round, handforged sterling silver earwire. Overall length, from the top of the earwire, is about 1.5 inches. Because each gemstone is created by Mother Nature, and because each earring is created by me, there will be slight variations in size & coloration. (Most gemstones are about 4mm in diameter.) These are designed to be natural and organic in appearance and feel.

Your package will arrive in a little cotton lined gift box perfect for storing your new jewelry, or ready for any gift giving occasion.