General Information:

Got sparkles has customers in the United States, as well as Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, England, Australia, and many, many other countries.  We have found that the desire for quality artisan jewelry at a reasonable price is a fairly universal need.  Got sparkles' designs are stylish, flattering and imminently wearable, and therefore appeal to a wide base of clients. 
If you are interested in becoming a got sparkles retailer, please Contact Us for wholesale access to our website.  We will need the following information before approving a wholesale account: 
  • Retail location, including Street Address, City and State;
  • Website address if you intend to sell got sparkles online;
  • Seller's Permit, Business License or FEIN
Once your account has been approved, you will enjoy full access to gotsparkles.com for the purpose of viewing the collections and placing wholesale orders. 
Your success selling got sparkles jewelry is important to us, so we are happy to assist new retailers in developing a collection that is tailored to your location's customer base.  And, as with all of our customers, your satisfaction is always our highest priority. 

Order Requirements:


Recommended Opening Order:



Reorder Requirement:



Exclusivity / Territory:


Yes! We ask that “exclusive” retailers place a minimum of $1,200 stock orders per 12 month period

Custom Orders:


Yes! We will customize color, size & design.

Turnaround Time:


2 – 3 weeks

Shipping Charges:


$10.00 flat rate, USPS First Class



We are happy to accommodate Drop Ship requests, and ask that drop ship requests be paid at the time of order. They will be shipped to the requested address with a packing slip, but no invoice. The piece will be packaged in got sparkles branded materials unless otherwise requested. $5.00 shipping rate will apply unless a method of shipment other than USPS First Class is requested, in which case actual shipping charges will apply.