Men's Bracelet / Necklace Combo - Sterling & Suede



I was given a request for a piece of men's jewelry. I wanted to create something simple, classic, with just a little bit of "rock star." As well, because I create primarily women's jewelry, I wanted to design something that might work as the jewelry equivalent of the "boyfriend sweater." You know - you buy your guy that perfect piece (sweater, jewelry, etc.) that just so happens to look fabulous on you. That way you can wear it whenever you spend weekends at his place. Now you're thinking...

As well, this piece will be displayed at the 2013 Prime Time Emmys Gift Lounge. I am excited and honored to be included this year as one of ten jewelry designers displaying work through The Artisan Group. (Check out my other listings for the ladies' piece I will be displaying.)

Heavy Sterling Silver wire (12 gauge) has been handforged, textured and oxidized to bring out the detail. Secured to supple but durable black deerskin suede, this simple piece doubles as either a necklace or, when wrapped twice around the wrist, a bracelet.

Simple and striking, this piece is a casual addition to anyone's closet, male or female.

Ring measures approximately 1.35 inches across, and the leather straps extend approximately 15 inches on either side of the ring.

Your jewelry will arrive in a lovely little gift box with an anti-tarnish liner, perfect for storing your (or his!) new treasure, or ready for any gift giving occasion.