Leather Wrapped Bracelet - Brown Leather & Pink Pearls - Hanforged Sterling Button Clasp



Always interested in learning new methods of jewelry creation and intrigued by the concept of weaving gemstone beads with leather, I have added this new line to my repetoire. I love how casual & bohemian this bracelet is without sacrificing daintiness or femininity. 

Over two feet of Greek Leather in a deep, chocolate brown has been used as a "frame" for approximately 30 lovely, blush-colored freshwater pearls. The pearls have been secured to the leather wrap with several yards of nylon beading thread, which has been adhered to the leather with jeweler's adhesive. The 5/8" button is handforged by me using sterling silver, which has been hammered, cupped and oxidized to bring out the marvelous & rustic texture. 

I loved this bracelet so much I created one for myself and have been wearing it steadily for some time now. I suggest removing this bracelet when showering, washing hands, gardening, etc., as leather can become worn or brittle when exposed regularly to water. As well, care should always be taken when exposing any pearls to detergents, abrasives or chemicals.

Approximately 8 inches in length, this bracelet will fit most "standard" wrists. Mine has almost "formed" to my wrist and fits nicely.  If you prefer a shorter or longer length, please let me know and I would be happy to customize one just for you. Most customizations can be completed at no additional charge. 

Your jewelry will arrive in a lovely little gift box perfect for storing your new treasure or ready for any gift-giving occasion.