Double Strand Gemstone Link with Insignia & Charm



I adore anything that feels like it has a story to tell. That includes these wonderful insignias, which I create using Victorian-era intaglios stamped in Metal Clay.

This stamped charm was created in pure silver (99.9%) using an antique French wax stamp, with the word "INEBRANLABLE." In English, this translates to mean "firm, persistent, resolute, steady, solid." The image accompanying the word is a stately, regal, rooted tree. .

Once stamped, the metal clay is fired in my kiln at temperatures nearing 1300 degrees. I then oxidize and polish each insignia to bring out the detail and a high shine. Because each insignia is created by me at the time your order is placed, there will be slight variations in size, depth and edge detail. If you prefer a very smooth edge, please let me know and I will make every effort to accommodate your preferences.

Two strands of gorgeous, deep grey faceted Labradorite rondelles, each measuring about 3mm, are linked using oxidized sterling silver. The blue flash of these gemstones is really striking. The bracelet, which measures approximately 7.75 inches in length, is finished with a handforged clasp. I am happy to adjust the length up to one inch in either direction at no additional charge.

Other gemstones are available, and it's always nice to customize a piece of jewelry using a birthstone, or children's birthstone(s), so please just let me know if you would like to tailor this piece to suit someone special.

Your jewelry will arrive in a lovely little box with anti-tarnish liner perfect for storing your new treasure, or ready for any gift-giving occasion.

** This particular piece was gifted to award winning actress Renee Zellweger, and was designed specifically for her. This is a limited edition bracelet and only a few will be created. (This does not mean to imply that she has endorsed this piece in any way.)